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Don't Go Camping Without These T.I.P.S. for Summer Injuries

We want you and your family to have as much safe summer fun as possible, so we’ve put together a quick list of T.I.P.S. (Trace the source, Identify the symptoms, Prevent the problem, and Share the handout) for 5 of the most common summer injuries that can leave you feeling itchy and unwell. Take these T.I.P.S. poolside, lakeside, or mountainside – featuring a seasonal selection of PEPID’s Bedside Education handouts – yours to download and share for FREE.

PGx + CDSS: Completing the Formula for Expanded Affordable Quality Healthcare

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is rapidly evolving from being a “luxury” diagnostic test to the healthcare standard millions of patients and providers have been waiting for. Although PGx is a relatively new field, the R&D support and buzz behind it is growing exponentially thanks to an industry-wide shift towards more sustainable and value-based healthcare. The unique ability of pharmacogenomic testing to improve patient outcomes while decreasing healthcare costs makes it necessary for consumers to und

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